CDN inserting cdn domain into relative url menu links


Thanks for your plugin. We have been using it for a long time. Recently we just upgraded to 1.55 from an older version.
We were using your plugin along with w3tc fine. The upgrade caused some issues with the main one being that two of our menu links which are relative URLs now have the CDN domain instead of our website’s domain, making them unreachable.

We turned off the w3tc cdn support but no change. Only disabling the cdn plugin brings back the desired behaviour.

Solutions or suggestions?


So sorry to hear about your problems. Would you mind providing a link to your site? This would be the main header navigation right?

Were you using w3tc to implement the cdn rewriting or our own plugin?

It is in the main menu
the links are /c/domainchecker.php and /c/clientarea.php

So the system I used before was shift8cdn plugin enabled and for media only
plus w3tc with generic mirror using in replace site’s hostname with.

Once updated it broke. I first turned off w3tc cdn support. Same issue.
Only when turning of shift8cdn plugin did it fix itself.

I suppose now I could put in absolute links in the menu and try that but issue with relative links still remains.

ok so I have enabled everything again, using absolute menu links except for one, Help > System Status

I first turned on the shift8 plugin. Purged by cache and tested. The remaining relative link had the cdn domain on it.
This was before enabling cdn support in w3tc.

What is this CDN support in W3TC? I dont know if thats needed. Our plugin should work independently

I will try to reproduce this issue in our dev environment either way- thank you for reporting it!

Oh. Last time I configured it, you plugin wouldn’t push the minified files from w3tc. So I turn off css and js support in your plugin and then use w3tc to push those files to the cdn

Someone else does the same. WC Total Cache |

Yeah W3TC rewrites files in the same way that we do so depending on how those types of actions are prioritized within wordpress, one might happen before the other.

If W3TC is going to be minifying then it might be rewriting things after we go in and rewrite urls to go through our CDN. Its really difficult to avoid these types of conflicts to be honest because we are two separate organizations writing plugins for different priorities. I will say that we have plans to offer minification built into our CDN as an option so in the future you might just be able to turn it off w/ W3TC and have our plugin do the rewriting and minification.