Issues with Version 1.53

I have had numerous problems with this plugin since V1.47. I am using PHP8 on a Wordpress Version 5.7 site. This is the only plugin I have had to uninstall. The newest Shift8 CDN plugin V1.53 still does not function with PHP 8, and also had to be uninstalled. The plugin gets errors when trying to save settings. I opened another account on Shift8 and tried to register it with the plugin, and that would not save settings. I now have two accounts on Shift8 and would like them closed. Please contact me at for details.

Hey there!

More resources are going to be allocated to troubleshoot these PHP8 issues. Apologies for the inconvenience. I’ll make sure the account details you referenced are deleted.

Thank you

Hi there you said you would delete the two accounts I requested be deleted on 3/13/21. Both accounts are still active. Please delete them I will reregister when and If I instill the plugin again.

Thank you

Your accounts should be removed

I’ve installed the new plugin V157. The compatibility issues seem to be fixed with this plugin and PHP 8. The newest Shift8 CDN plugin V1.57 is a keeper. Thanks for all you’ve done kevinnivek.