Site broken after installing Shift8

Hey guys, i installed Shift8 in Wordpress and after installing my theme is directly broken!

Have someone an idea how i can fix it?

Thanks for help!

domain is


Sorry to hear about this. I took a quick look and see that the site url you defined is set to “” but when I first arrive to your site , it goes directly to “”.

The site url , when you add it to our CDN, needs to be the URL that the wordpress site is installed on , including if its in a sub-directory. If your wordpress site is installed in then it needs to be added that way.

Knowing this you may need to delete the site from our CDN dashboard and add a new one that correctly reflects this. Then the new API/Key/prefix should be added in the wordpress settings. Keep in mind you need like 2-5 minutes for a new site to propagate throughout our network.

I’m here if you have any other questions! I’d be more than happy to help further if needed.

the main domain is ! WP is installed at this directory.

But because of browser settings our side switch between German and English for the user.

I have no experience in use of CDN, so sorry when I’m a bit stupid in this matter :sweat_smile:


If you are willing to send an email to , we can help you further with this.

Thank you and dont worry , we will try our best to help!