CDN Settings are a bit too generic


So I have been testing the CDN and it really does wonders. However, we were tracking a bug that we resolved by disabling " Enable CDN for Media file". Because of Cross-origin resource sharing, SVG images are not being accessed via CDN. Wouldn’t it make sense to allow users to drill down and specify what comes over CDN and what doesn’t, possibly with wildcards? For us, with media disabled, the site we run has become slow again, making the CDN pointless as we are image-heavy.



Thank you very much for your feedback! One feature planned in a soon-to-be-released plugin update is an exemption list of filenames, extensions or URI paths that you want to be bypassed by the CDN plugin rewriting to go through the CDN hostname.

I believe this should hopefully address your concerns. The delay in rolling this out is balancing security and reliability with a feature like this. Any time you offer the ability to have free form input (especially if wildcards or regex is offered) even for administrators there are concerns with security so we are being very careful in rolling this out.

Thanks again and we will make an announcement when this is ready.


Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate. Yeah, this would be appreciated, and I am glad you are taking security as a major concern,