Don`t know if Shift8 CDN is on and working

I set up Shift8 CDN with WordPress but see no difference in page speed analyzers.
I tried to disable my caching plugin, but the site gets slower then.
How do I know Shift8 is working?
In the Dashboard is no traffic shown.



As you can probably appreciate, there are a wide number of reasons why site speed may be slow. If you have enabled the CDN and clicked the “test” link to confirm that you can see that test image, then you should be good.

The site speed that the CDN offers is dependent on the geographic location where you are as well as other factors. Generally it should speed up the site with some baseline optimizations but if you are not close to one of the endpoints across the globe, it might not matter. The idea behind the CDN is to position your site with a global network of endpoints to make your site more globally accessible.

Beyond this it also depends on the site speed testing service you are using. What test service did you try? If not already, I would recommend or GTMetrix.