For what is the API key?

Previously I was using the WordPress plugin. In the settings was a field for API-key input. Now, for certain reasons, I’m rewriting the required url’s with a little function.
I have deleted the plugin, everything is working nice.
Is there any back-draw in the long term functionality when working without plugin?

The API key allows you to interact with our dashboard in a simple way. Currently there are two functions you can conduct with the plugin in wordpress :

  • Check your site to make sure its valid in our systems (“Check button”)
  • Purge the cache across all of our CDN endpoints.

There will eventually be other actions that can be done in the plugin settings but everything you do there you can do via our dashboard. So if you are looking to have the CDN rewrite happen in your favourite caching plugin (to reduce your plugin footprint), that shouldn’t be a problem.

I hope this is helpful!

Very clear, thank you