Help with Optimization Process | Changes are only applying to Web version of website, not on mobile

Hi guys, I’m trying to optimize my personal portfolio, since it was a mess of a website. I’m using Asset CleanUp for it. It allows me to disable JS/CSS modules that aren’t needed. My issue with Sift8 is as follows:

In the computer version of the website, i get slightly decent results:

web version results & recommendations: Album — Postimages

It’s in portuguese but as ou can see, there’s only two modules that are clogging the system. One of them is being brought by shift8, (disc/block-library) but i blocked it from loading in Asset CleanUp. Then, in mobile, there’s all of these:

mobile performance & recommendations: Album — Postimages

All of these JS/CSS modules listed as problems in the picture above are already disabled in Asset CleanUp. in the Computer version they don’t show up, as you can see from the first screenshot, but in the mobile they all come back in. I can’t disable them in Asset CleanUp because they all show as disabled. This problem sets my site perfomance index from 77 on Computer (i know it’s not much, but i’m trying my best to get it to at least 90) to an absolutely horrid 46 on Mobile

Does anybody know what is happening? I tried purging the cache through shift8, but it doesn’t seem to work, since the changes to the Computer version were applied exactly at the same time as the Mobile version (same panel). Do i need “Apply Changes to All Pages” on Asset CleanUp for it to pickup the mobile version of the homepage? That didn’t make much sense to me since it’s the same page…

Thank you in advance, best wishes

The Shift8 CDN plugin itself shouldn’t be loading any external assets (CSS/JS). What it does it hook into how Wordpress renders a page and rewrites all the URLs that contain CSS/JS files to go through the CDN.

Sounds go me that our plugin in the way its rewriting the URLs may be conflictin with Asset CleanUp? Its too difficult and speculative to give more info without getting the info in the debug / support tab of our plugin settings. Can you paste that here for further analysis?

Thank you!