hey, it seems like shift CDN SSL is currently inactive, does anyone face any issue with CDN while purging

shows an error : Error Detected : cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired


This was unfortunately an issue but it should now be resolved - please check again and let us know if it persists for you.

Thank you!

hi @kevinnivek the issue seem to still persist. See screenshot:

Because of this the images arent displaying on my website.

Also, after i deleted the pullzone from shift8, my website is still pulling images from shift8. Is there anyway I can completely delete the cache at shift8?


If you ever need to disable the CDN , the best way is to go into the plugin settings for the Shift8 CDN plugin in Wordpress. Turn the CDN off there.

The rewriting of images and static elements to go through the CDN happens through the plugin installed on your wordpress site.

The SSL issue described in your post here is resolved either way.