Indian Payment Gateways

Hi, please add Indian Payment Gateways too. I’m eagerly waiting to purchase paid plan but my cards are being declined by striple please add, UPI ( UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE), PAYTM , I Prefer RAZORPAY( EASILY CAN BE INTEGRATED)

please reply ???

Hey there!

I appreciate the request, most definitely! Integrating another payment gateway would require not an insignificant amount of development work in our dashboard system. Doing it for one request would not be feasible at this point in time ,I am sorry to say.

I’m curious why stripe is rejecting your payment? Feel free to email us more details on the failed transaction to and we can try looking into that for you. We might be able to whitelist or troubleshoot it from that angle.

In the near future we plan on offering an upgrade path option for those interested to upgrade their accounts by simply putting a link to our site in their footer. This will be released in the coming weeks/months most likely.

Thanks again!

i got website with huge traffic say i can apply for footer

Ok sounds good - we will be sending an email notification when this feature for upgrading is ready