Integration with WP Fastest Cache CDN

I recently tried to connect the Shift8 CDN service with WP Fastest Cache WordPress plugin. It is asking for CDN Url and Origin Url. I know my CDN URL but what is the Origin URL? Can anyone guide me about it?

Hello Moviespie,

LiteSpeed Cache is also asking for a CDN URL. Do you know what I should place there?

To find the CDN url in our plugin settings :

  1. Go to CDN settings
  2. Click the “test url”
  3. The URL without the path to the image is the CDN url (i.e.

To find the CDN url in our dashboard :

  1. Login to dashboard and go to your sites (or zones)
  2. Clicke edit for site settings that you have
  3. “CDN URL” should be displayed there

Hope this helps