Issues with 1.52

  1. WP-Rocket JS Deferred causing the website to not load properly after shift plugin got update to 1.52
  2. Even if images are skipped in shif8 settings, still it forces to fetch image asset from the server
  3. Retina images, not working as images are fetched from the shift8 server
    also tested when the plugin is disabled everything works fine. please send me the link to the original 1.51 zip file

Exactly ! :expressionless:

I apologize for these issues. You can hopefully appreciate that sometimes it can be complicated and difficult to ensure that two different plugins can play nicely with eachother.

Likely it isn’t the 1.51 version that will fix this as the changes between 1.51 and 1.52 are too minimal. You can browse the github repository for the plugin if you want to try a commit prior to 1.52.

I’d like to better understand the issue. So you are saying that CSS is breaking with the latest version of the plugin? Am I able to view an example of it breaking perhaps? Thank you!

A plugin update (v1.53) has been pushed. Please complete the update and confirm if the issue is now resolved for you. In the event that there are still problems, if you could provide a link to a problematic page I can try to look further.

Thank you!

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It worked, Thanks for Update

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