My Wordpress Website Is Broken

Hey, I recently signed up for Shift8CDN and installed the plugin on my WordPress blog, but as soon as i activated your plugin, my site broke and I am getting mixed content warnings.

If I click on any link on my website then I will be redirected to

If I deactivate the plugin, then everything works fine.


I’m sorry to hear about your issue. The plugin should not be making insecure (http://) requests at all. Is it possible to navigate to the plugin settings page , specifically the “support” tab within our settings. Then if you could copy all that debug info and paste here, I’d like to understand more about your environment

Shift8 CDN Debug Info
WordPress Version: 6.3.2
Current WordPress Theme: Newspaper version 12.5
Theme Author: tagDiv - tagDiv - Portfolio | ThemeForest
Theme URI:
PHP Version: 7.4.33
Active Plugins:

Akismet Anti-spam: Spam Protection (5.3)
APS Arena Products (2.7.2)
Breeze (2.0.30)
Classic Editor (1.6.3)
GTM4WP (1.18.1)
Jetpack (12.7)
Jetpack Boost (2.1.1)
Quick Adsense (2.8.7)
Shift8 CDN (1.65)
Smush (3.14.2)
tagDiv Cloud Library (2.8 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54)
tagDiv Composer (4.2 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54)
tagDiv Social Counter (5.3 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54)
tagDiv Standard Pack (1.9 | built on 25.07.2023 12:54)
Yoast SEO (21.3)

And one more thing, on the core setting page, when I click on check, I am getting error message, check screenshot below -

any solution of my above problem?

The issue with the “check” button was because the site url , when added to our dashboard, was defined as “” while in the plugin settings it was defined as “” (note the trailing slash in the first example).

I corrected this to save you time but the system is sensitive and the site URL must match exactly in the dashboard and plugin settings.

All that said, the above issue would not be causing the issues you experienced.

I looked through your site as it is now and I see that it is going through cloudflare currently? So if this was in place during the original problems, you are essentially passing the site through 2 CDN systems. Each CDN (cloudflare + shift8) will be adding headers, compression, options and potential redirect logic.

Is it possible to rule out cloudflare and bypass cloudflare to see if the issue resolves? If not if its possible to leave the issue present so I can look further as you likely disabled the CDN right now so I cannot see the actual issue to diagnose.

Hello, I paused CloudFlare on my site and still the issue remains the same.

Hey, the problem is still there and when I click on any of my links it opens, why so??

Are you able to share a problematic URL that I could examine? Its difficult to know more without more information

Open, the first thing you will notice that site is broken, second you can click on any link on that page and it will open

have you got time to check???

can you please disable jetpack + jetpack boost and see if the problem persists. This is definitely a plugin or theme conflict causing this , its just a matter of spending the time to identify which plugin

you could also disable every plugin except the shift8cdn plugin and see if the problem persists. If it still does, try switching themes and see if it persists and report back here.