Need assistance in removing the malware cache link

I recently encountered a malware issue in my shift8 account link. Despite attempting to clear the cache via the plugin and the shift8cdn control panel without success, I am forced to uninstall the WordPress plugin and delete the account link.

The malware is still attached to the link, which is still visible in the Malwarebytes browser guard.

Affected domain :

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 20-50-09 Best Digital Marketing Leader SEO make easy with SWHA


Sorry you had this trouble! So as I understand it your site was compromised and the malware infection was inadvertently cached by the CDN?

I have forced a cache clear for you , please confirm if the issue is still persisting.


Hi Kevinnnivek,

Thank you for your assistance and support, but the situation has already been resolved.

My website was not hacked, rather the cache on shift8cdn was compromised. I believe the cache has been fully purged from the shift8CDN servers, which should help to resolve the issue.