Page Speed GTMetrix and Pingdom reports still saying use CDN

I’m using Shift8cdn on my website but the page speed reports are still failing and advising to use a CDN. I’m also using WP Fastest Cache Pro which is set to use this CDN. Does anyone have any ideas why it doesn’t seem to be working?


I’m sorry you are having issues with this. We have reached out to GTMetrix on November 18th to resolve a hostname issue with them recognizing our CDN. It is 100% on their side unfortunately.

They maintain a list of “approved” CDNs that affect the score. Note that this doesnt affect actually how your site’s speed has improved, it is just for the score GTMetrix provides.

I have followed up with them again , but I would encourage you to fill out their contact form located here to ask as well :

When filling out the form, give an example of a CDN url (i.e. the test url) and say that their scans are not recognizing the CDN.

This is all we can do until the people on GTMetrix’s side fix their list of approved CDNs.