PLEASE HELP:: In GTmetrix my css and js are shown that not in a CDN. But I am using shift8CDN

I am using hostinger and my caching plugin is litespeed cache. When gtmetrix scan, it shows bellow elements are not in a cdn. But I enable this cdn. :expressionless:
Here is my scan report screenshot

here is the full report link:

Please help me

I has a similar problem like you, gtmetrix neither recognized my CDN.
Look at my report.



Those files that are reported in your screenshot look like they are being cached by your litespeed caching plugin. Unfortunately it appears that that may be conflicting with our plugins ability to rewrite urls to go through the CDN.

You could try either clearing the cache in litespeed and see if they are then rewritten by our CDN plugin.

As a last resort, the litespeed plugin offers the ability to implement a CDN rewrite system itself. Since it is potentially interrupting our plugin’s ability to do this , you could follow these instructions and use the Shift8 CDN hostname to rewrite static assets via this plugin. It might be necessary to turn off the CDN on our plugin if this works but maybe take it one step at a time and see.