W3 total cache with Shift8 CDN

Hi. I tried to replace the hostname in the w3 total cache with the Shif8 CDN, but the system replies Error: Unable to resolve hostname: HTTPS. Which parameter I can use to make it work? many thanks

Hey there!

Interesting that the plugin says it is unable to resolve the host. Are you able to provide a screenshot of what you entered?

Hi, I have eliminated the W3 total cache as it was causing me many problems with mobile usage. I am using now Litespeed cache but I am facing a problem with Shift8 CDN. When I activate it via the CDN area, I face CSS and images problem. I tried also to set CDN only for images but it does not work. I have also the Shift8 CDN IP in our server white list. What do you suggest? Thanks

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the litespeed CDN settings that you entered?