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Welcome to the Shift8 CDN community support discourse! Through this discourse, you will be able to receive support for your implementation of the Shift8 content delivery network.

Hi! Thank you very much for the excellent initiative

No problem! We welcome any feedback to make the service better.

Hi friends, is there anybody active?

Yes I am active on here :slight_smile:

hello, good luck
I added cdn to my site, my site did not work, how can we do

If you dont mind posting in the Wordpress category of this forum , I can be sure to help you ASAP if you provide your site details (url or CDN prefix) and we can go from there.


this is my site

it works as you see here

As you can see here it gives an error.

Ok we’re in a general post but I can try and support you in this post if you like.

Our system is very sensitive with site URLs. In your site URL , there was a trailing slash when you added it via the dashboard system. I have removed that trailing slash and updated the system on the CDN side. Feel free to click the “Check” button again and confirm if it is working now.


is it ok now

Yes looks good!

there is no change here

is it working now?


Bandwidth is measured and published in the graph on a daily basis. Our bandwidth tracking system may be replaced by something different in the future so dont be alarmed if you dont see anything right away. It also would need to detect gigabytes of transfer before showing up on the graph so if your site is not super busy, dont worry again.

Everything looks good!

Thank you very much first, thank you

I activated it before, it never worked like this

He distributed the site, I hope he can’t do it this time

I hope it will work smoothly
Thank you very much for your interest.