Custom Domain Support

Can I use a custom domain for the CDN. For example, my main website is and I want to serve the CDN files from I do think it can be done somehow.

It would be really good to see the custom domain in action with Shift8. For the next part,
I would like to tell you of the issues, official WordPress plugin is causing. However, I am using WP Rocket CDN tab to handle it after the issue so doesn’t matters much to me.

I know you have answered this here > but it’s about 5 months from then. Can I get an outline on how long can it take now?

For our service to support that we would need to implement a service to support SSL for these custom domains. This is the main roadblock to offering this as a service. Of course we could just offer the service where you have to upload your own SSL certificate.

But this then means we have to offer a greater scope of support because people will have problems with their SSL or problems installing the SSL. This is why we cant just offer this easily. I’d be open to alternative suggestions of course! Feedback is always welcome.