My shift8 cdn pluging does not allow to load my web


I have a problem with my “shift8 cdn” pluging, when it is activated my web is not able to load well.
My web is “
If the pluging is deactivated the web loads fine:

If the pluging is activated the web loads wrong (no images and no structure):

Please I need help to solve it.

Did you purge the shfit8 CDN cache?

Besides that, do you use any caching on your hosting? If so, you may have purged it as well.

This can also happen when the web host blocks the CDN “fetch” traffic (us fetching the asset from your web host to cache it) , thinking it is automated bot traffic. This is unfortunately common with really busy shared web hosting providers.

They over compensate blocking lots of traffic to squeeze more performance out of a shared environment. If you can paste the CDN Test URL here I can confirm if they are blocking the traffic.